Solar Attic Fans Jacksonville

Solar attic fans are such great investments for homes because of all the benefits it offers. It works just the same as your traditional electric attic fans but this time with additional advantages. It requires very little maintenance and can help a whole lot in maintaining energy efficiency around your household. If you want to try out a solar attic fan for your home, we are the company to call.

Most attics are primarily used as a storage space for homes. It is also usually the area where insulation is installed. Because we rarely go to the attic or never at all, we don’t realize how much care it requires in order for it to stay clean and durable for years. An attic fan can help keep your attic dry and free from molds. Molds can damage the structure of your attic, roof, and even the insulation and these appear due to moisture. Attic fans can effectively prevent moisture.

Comfort and Energy Efficiency with Solar Attic Fans

Furthermore, the attic of your home traps a lot of heat or cold coming from the outside. For example, during very warm summer days, you will notice how your attic can get extra warm too. The heat is then transferred to the rest of your home. This means your air-conditioning system will have to work double time to keep the temperature cool and balanced indoors. With a solar attic fan, air circulates in the attic so that ideal temperature is maintained. Your air-conditioning system would then work the way it would normally. The same goes with your heating system during colder months. An attic fan will definitely help reduce energy costs.

It’s undeniable that every Florida household that has an attic should have an attic fan. But do you need a solar attic fan? Is it really worth it? The short answer to that is absolutely! Think of all the benefits of a regular attic fan including the ones mentioned above. On top of those benefits, you can get these additional advantages when you use solar attic fans:

  • It doesn’t consume energy because it uses power straight from the sun.
  • A solar attic fan offers silent operation. It works quietly yet efficiently.
  • Solar attic fans, when properly installed, would leave no room for critters to enter your attic.
  • It is a low-maintenance solar product. Solar attic fans are durable and would last for years without problems.

Jacksonville’s Trusted Solar Contractor

If you’re thinking of installing a brand new attic fan or if your old one is already due for replacement, it’s now time to switch to a more environment-friendly product. Solar attic fans, as mentioned, are certainly great investments that you would appreciate for sure in the years to come.

It is important for you to seek assistance from a licensed solar contractor to get your new solar attic fan installed. This way you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality and efficient product. If you’re in the Jacksonville area, we are here to help you. Just give us a call 904-606-8404 for a free estimate.