Solar Panels

Residential Solar JacksonvilleWe offer the widest variety of experienced solar panel services you will find in Jacksonville and the Duval County, Florida area. Our exceptional solar work and outstanding customer service have made us the most in-demand solar services provider in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. We offer solar panels and solar PV in Jacksonville, FL. We not only service the Jacksonville area, but we also service Orange Park, Arlington, Lake Forest, and the Jacksonville Beach area. We pride ourselves on being a family run, locally owned business that offers very competitive solar services pricing too.

We have been serving Jacksonville and the vicinity for many years now. That’s because we were one of the first local companies to see the important role that solar power generation and solar collection would play in our future. Solar power is a renewable energy source that makes the world much greener and lessens our dependence on pollution-causing fossil fuels. Solar technology has now progressed to the point where if consumers install it the right way, they can greatly reduce their dependence on grid-supplied electricity.

Expert Solar Panel Installation

Jacksonville Solar ContractorThe heart of any solar power generating system is the solar panels (photovoltaic cells) that collect the suns powerful rays and then convert them into useable electricity. Our solar techs are highly-skilled at installing, upgrading and repairing all brands of solar panels. Because of our work ethic, we have become one of the most trusted names in the Jacksonville area when it comes to supplying and installing these amazing solar collection devices.

Our experienced solar techs know exactly where on your roof or in your yard your solar panels need to be placed so they are hit by the sun’s rays for the majority of the day. It only makes sense that the longer any solar panel is exposed to the sun’s rays, the longer that solar panel will produce energy for you during the day. Proper solar positioning can make a huge difference in the amount of energy savings your new solar collection system offers you.

All of the solar panels that we sell are very high-quality products too. They feature the latest technologies that make solar collection systems more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. Once these solar panels capture the rays from the sun, they use semiconductors that are built into them to convert the suns energy into usable electricity. You can use this sun produced electricity to power specific items in your home (such as air conditioners) or they can power your entire house if you install enough solar panels to do that.

Experienced Solar Panel Installation

Maybe you are new to the world of solar panels or just want to know what types of solar setups are available. We have an experienced and knowledgeable sales team in place that can help supply you will all of the solar services information you need. With just a little bit of guidance from you on what you want your solar collection system to accomplish for you; they can design a solar array that will perfectly fit those needs.

Free Solar Consultations

Solar Installation Jacksonville FLThe best way to get started with us is to take advantage of the completely free solar consultations we offer. One of our experienced staff members will come to your Jacksonville home or place of business and discuss your individual situation as to how to best set up a new solar collection system for you. They will also take a look at your available roof space or any other areas of your property where you want your new solar power system to be installed.

Our staff member will also go over with you the different types of solar setups that are available and how they can best benefit you in your individual situation. One of our customers’ favorite parts of this solar consultation is the free energy analysis we offer at the same time. We will actually calculate for you the approximate amount of money you will save with your new solar collection set up in a year’s time. You will probably be amazed at how much less money you will spend on your electric bill in a year after your new solar panels have been installed.

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So call us today at 904-606-8404 to schedule your no obligation, no charge solar consultation with us. After just a few short minutes of talking with us, you will clearly see the benefits for you and the world we live in that solar energy collection has to offer.