Solar Pool Heater JacksonvilleMany people in the Jacksonville area like to use their swimming pools all year round. That’s great for 7 to 8 months but the rest of the time there are usually periods of cooler weather where a pool needs to be heated in order to swim comfortably. This is usually done by means of gas fired swimming pool heaters or by using heat pumps. These methods work well but they can be very expensive to run. There is an alternative that works great and will cut down on your energy usage too. That’s done by installing a supplemental low-cost solar pool heating system.

We are experts when it comes to supplying and installing the perfect solar pool heater for your needs. We can install them for you in Jacksonville or anywhere throughout Duval County or the surrounding area. Once you install them, solar pool heaters cost only pennies to run. They take complete advantage of the powerful rays of the sun to economically and comfortably heat your swimming pool. Those who use them to help heat their swimming pools rave about how well they work and how cost-effective they make heating their swimming pool.

How Does a Low-Cost Solar Pool Heater Work?

Solar pool heaters are usually installed in one of two different ways. They can either be installed in a rooftop setting or on a specially made platform at ground level. Either method will work great and can be placed where they are not an eyesore. The rooftop installation is preferred because that usually exposes the solar pool heater to the highest amount of daily sun and helps eliminate potential damage from activities done at the ground level.

Although specially made solar panels can be used to heat swimming pools, it’s much cheaper to install a system that uses hundreds of black tubes attached to a black mat to get your swimming pool the heat it requires. Depending on the size of your swimming pool, several of these black mats with tubes may work in unison on your roof (they usually are made in 4’x12’ or 4’x20’ sections). Water flows slowly through them and does a great job of picking up heat that is generated from the sun’s powerful rays. The collected heat water eventually makes its way back to your swimming pool and warms it up nicely.

Low Maintenance Pool Heating

Other than the black mat panels and the plumbing to get to and from the roof, most solar pool heaters don’t require anything else. Usually, the existing swimming pool pump is powerful enough to move the water to and from the rooftop since it does not require much pressure.
Solar heaters can be used for both in-ground and above ground pools too. They can also have setups installed on them that will stop the flow of water to them when the desired water temperature is reached

Why Choose for Solar Pool Heaters?

Jacksonville FL Solar HeaterWe have years of experience supplying, installing, and repairing solar swimming pool heaters. The knowledgeable solar techs we employ are excellent when it comes to placing these pool heating systems on even the most difficult rooftop areas. Our sales team is also great to work with and will answer all of your questions about this affordable means to heat your swimming pool. We can even have a member of our crew come to your home or business for a free solar pool heater consultation. They will look at your planned installation area and advise you as to what size and what type of solar pool heater will work best for your individual situation

Solar swimming pool heaters are not the only types of solar equipment we specialize in either. We also install electrical generating solar panel setups and have solar powered equipment such as attic fans. The all-around knowledge of solar power and solar related equipment our crews possess is second to none in the Greater Jacksonville, Florida area. Our skilled installation techs and sales staff also know the best ways to install any type of solar-related apparatus so it benefits you the most and helps make your world a little greener too.

So if you are looking to install a solar pool heater on your Jacksonville area in-ground or above the ground swimming pool, call us at 904-606-8404. We will install a solar pool heater setup that works great for you and saves you money on your home energy bill while doing it.